Sometimes the best way to evaluate whether an attorney might be a good match is to hear real stories from real people in your community. These Mainers got the help they needed to make a fresh start.

“Jim: The bankruptcy is coming to a close even faster than I anticipated. I will be sending you a formal thank you in the mail, but let me again express my sincere thanks for your help in this matter. It is a huge relief for me to be rid of this debt, and without your help, I would not have been able to get out from under. I do view this time as a fresh start and plan to make the most of it. Thanks again, and all the best—”

B., Falmouth, Maine

“I would highly recommend the services of James B. Maguire as a bankruptcy attorney.  His knowledge of the law and personal interest in our family made the process much less stressful. Mr. Maguire was always available to answer our questions, doing research to come up with the best scenario for our family within the framework of the law. Any person considering bankruptcy should consider James B. Maguire.”

D., Vassalboro, Maine