Fees: Bankruptcy

All fees must be paid before the case is prepared and filed. Payments plans are available.  A typical plan involves an initial minimum payment of $250. The balance will be paid on a flexible timetable. As money is paid, it is kept in a separate account. When all fees have been paid, the case will be prepared.

Reduced fees are available to qualified elderly persons referred by Legal Services for the Elderly. Discounted fees are available to active duty military personnel, union members, fire fighters and police officers.

Chapter 7

Flat fees for Chapter 7 consumer cases range from $1,200 to $1,500—in some cases more. The U.S. Bankruptcy Court’s official filing fee is $299. Variation in fees depends on the following factors:

  • complexity of necessary computations,
  • the number of creditors and notice parties,
  • the number of reaffirmation agreements,
  • whether the clients are over median income.

Chapter 13

Legal fees for Chapter 13 cases vary from case to case. While I can offer a flat fee in most Chapter 7 cases, the nature of Chapter 13 makes a flat fee inappropriate. A fee of $1,000 to $1,500 plus the official filing fee of $274 must be paid before the case is prepared and filed.  Any additional legal fees may be paid through the Chapter 13 plan.