Legal Fees: In General

Abraham Lincoln famously said, “A lawyer’s time and advice are his stock in trade.” Lawyers don’t sell cars or houses. They sell advice distilled from years of training and experience to people who need to get something done but must navigate a thorny legal thicket to get it done.

Unfortunately, professional fees are not cheap. Consider the cost of a 10-minute visit with the doctor: not just the co-pay, but the co-pay plus what insurance pays.  That brief visit can perhaps cost $65. If you figure that by the hour, you get a sense of how expensive professional services can be.

My rates are very reasonable. Fees for my services are flat fees for some cases and hourly fees for others. My hourly rate is currently $200.

All fees must be paid before the case is prepared and filed. Payments plans are available. Reduced fees are available to qualified elderly persons referred by Legal Services for the Elderly.  Discounted fees are available to active duty military personnel and union members.