Why Bankruptcy Law?

In the beginning of my legal career I represented banks, and I handled a lot of mortgage foreclosure cases. I seldom, if ever, thought about the people who lost their homes. That changed one night as I was passing through Down East Maine on my way home.

I stopped at a variety store near Machias. I got talking with the woman at the counter. I learned that she and her helper were nuns who ran the store to fund a project transforming surplus government buildings into low income housing.

My eyes were suddenly opened to the human side of home foreclosure. I started to see things from the perspective of people on the losing side of the economic battle. I began to take consumer bankruptcy cases, gradually gained experience, and I discovered both a specialization and a passion.

But really, why do you practice bankruptcy law?

  • People struggling to pay overwhelming debts are defenseless against collection lawsuits.
  • A bad economy or a medical crisis can deal devastating blows.
  • People struggle for years not knowing they may be eligible for protection.
  • Every society since ancient times has had some kind of debt relief law.
  • It is the law of the land that eligible persons may have debt relief and get a second chance.
  • In the battle of debt collector vs. working people, bankruptcy protection is like Col. Colt’s famous revolver – it is the equalizer.
  • America is the land of new beginnings. Bankruptcy protection can be a new beginning.
  • Clearing away crippling debts helps people get back in the race working and spending. This is is good for our national economy.