JIM: It is a HUGE RELIEF for me to be rid of this debt,
and without your help, I would not have been able to get out from under.
The law is meant to improve the lives of ordinary men and women. I am here to serve you as you improve your life through debt relief, real estate and small business matters. Call to set up a free, confidential half-hour consultation.
Why Bankruptcy Law?

In the beginning of my legal career I represented banks, and I handled a lot of mortgage foreclosure cases. I seldom, if ever, thought about the people who lost their homes. That changed one night as I was passing through Down East Maine on my way home.

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FAQ: Bankruptcy

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I feel really bad about this. I never thought I’d end up in such a situation. How can I square bankruptcy with my conscience?

Answer: Don’t blame yourself for a bad economy. Or for a medical crisis or anything else beyond your control.   But even if you did make mistakes –  such as mishandling credit –  just figure out where you went wrong and how to avoid repeating your mistakes. Learn and do better next time.  The most important thing to remember is: this process is all about second chances.

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Sometimes the best way to evaluate whether an attorney might be a good match is to hear real stories from real people in your community. These Mainers got the help they needed to make a fresh start.

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